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This article is meant to be about virtual assistants. About a month ago I took a freelance writing job, where I relate all kinds of subjects with a plug for virtual assistants. It’s a novel way of relating the benefits of the service. The company I work for offers virtual assistants and they have three plans, all affordable a tailored to your needs. As an author, I know the value of a good promotions person. I need an expert to do the things I can’t, and my virtual assistant does all of it and more. My books sell and most importantly, I can focus on writing greatly. So there’s the plug.

Now I want to write about something I really want to write about, with the plug out of the way. I’m a father. I have four children ranging from 15 years old to 9, three girls and one boy. I was only in their lives up until about four years ago. I almost hesitate to call myself a father, for this reason. Through a nasty divorce and all the trouble that came after, there came a day when I had to walk away, for myself and for my kids. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. They say that time heals all wounds, but it doesn’t, it just helps.

When I was still in my kid’s lives, I was happy. Fatherhood agreed with me to the point where my ex-wife, who has a serious case of parental alienation syndrome, even admitted it. Coming from her, it was the ultimate compliment, because she hated me with a passion by the time of the admission. But I don’t want to talk about her, or her husband, the step father of my kids. I want to talk about the joy I felt as a father.

Every dad who loves their kid’s will know what I’m talking about. From infanthood to walking, talking, and the preteen years, all of it was unforgettable. Holding my oldest daughter in my arms for the first time and seeing her head of full black hair inspired a kind of love in me that can’t be described. I know my craft pretty well and usually have a word for anything, but this love defied any bounds or definition. The world stopped and the stars came out in the middle of the day. It was the same with every one of them, right down to my youngest.

I called my oldest daughter spacey gracey and teased the dickens out of her. She feigned embarrassment but somehow I knew it was our thing and she loved it. My second daughter loved kinder surprizes, so on one visit, I filled the back of my pickup truck with them and dumped them in the front yard. The look on her face was my reward. No one can ever take that away from me. With my Son, I taught him how to use a hammer when he was four. He worked along-side me. He slowed me down for sure, but it was perfect. I wanted that day to last forever. He called me daddyo. Finally there is my youngest daughter. When I picked her up and she laid her head on my shoulder, all the troubles of the world melted away into sheer bliss.

It’s been four years since I had any contact with them whatsoever. In that time, I have built a successful writing career, finally finding my gift and my niche in life. I have remarried and found happiness in the arms of a wonderful woman. I have grown in many ways and learned to forgive without forgetting. I’ve become stronger and more resilient and gained a greater understanding of who I am and what I stand for. But in spite of all this, there is a great big hole where my kids used to be. I live in that hole. Such is my life.

I guess I have one more thing to say. A virtual assistant can really help you with your professional goals. They are really good at what they do, and affordable too. They will take a load off your shoulders and buy you time for the things that really matter in life. That is priceless. If you have kids, I would encourage you to appreciate them with all your heart. Time spent with them is precious, and not worth giving up for anything. If you get a virtual assistant like I did, I hope you will use some of the time to give the gift of your full attention to the ones you love most. And one more thing, thanks for letting me write about my kids. I feel much better for it.

My children

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