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The circumference of the world is 40,075 km, or 24,901 miles. Just over a hundred years ago, it took days or weeks to cross either the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. We had our Virtual Assistant pals at 247virtualassistants.com do some research for us. Today one can fly the same distance in a matter of hours. The horse and buggy traveled, and sometimes still travels, at around eight to twelve miles per hour allowing one to make a distance of sixty miles in somewhere around six hours. Today, at posted speed limits on a major through way we can make the same distance in around an hour. Effectively, through ingenuity, we have decreased the size of the earth relative to the time it takes for us to navigate its surface.

Communication – How do we talk to each other anymore?

When it comes to communication, the same progression has occurred, only in a more pronounced way. Thanks to inventions like the telephone and satellite communications we can speak with someone on the other side of the world in real time. This gave rise to the term “snail mail”. In a span of a hundred years, we have shrunk the earth relative to the time it takes to communicate with someone far away at an exponential rate. The internet is in one sense a more advanced form of the telephone, with the added value of face to face interaction. It is also an incredible source of knowledge that can be accessed any time of the day or night, from nearly anywhere in the world.

To go further, the internet can be an effective tool for translation of information, whatever form it may take. Anyone who runs a business understands how important translating information is to the bottom line. Any product or service must be described and explained in a succinct way before it can be sold. Even more important, the prospective customer must be reached or enticed in some way. Advertising is the key to success and has been throughout history. Newspapers, television, billboards, along with a plethora of other methods allow us to become visible and accessible to our perspective customers. In the last twenty years, the internet has outpaced all of these, allowing one to reach ever larger groups worldwide. Trade across the planet has become a lucrative reality. This is just one more way that the earth has shrunk relative to our ability to do business more effectively.

The World Wide Web is your Oyster

There are plus’s and minus’s to anything. The internet is no exception. While the world has shrunk, the worldwide web has done the opposite. It may have started out as a puddle, but now it’s a vast ocean of information with seventy to eighty percent of the population accessing it on a daily, sometimes minutely basis. Using the internet to reach a perspective audience has become a full time job, on top of any other tasks that must be performed. The proliferation of advertising medium online has created a stark reality. A small fish in a vast ocean needs to stand out and get noticed. One must somehow get heard in spite of all the noise, not an easy task. It is time consuming, costly, and inhibition for many.

The saying “time is money” gets to the root of the problem. In order to cast a wide net and reach as many people as possible it’s necessary to be present in as many advertising mediums as possible. As an author, I know this first hand. It takes me a week or two to write a book. It takes me ten hours a day to stay present online and reach my audience. I want to write and I enjoy it. I don’t want to sit in front of my computer for most of my waking hours in an effort to shine across the world.


Fortunately, an answer to this problem has become available. It is now possible to hire a virtual assistant. They can perform all the tasks needed, thus saving my valuable time for writing. I have availed myself of their services and have found them to be effective and affordable. VA’s can be found in nearly every country in the world, but there are countries where the disparity between my dollar and their dollar offer incredible benefits. A hundred bucks goes a long way in India or the Philippines for example. This allows me to get the maximum bang for my buck when it comes to my online presence.

So the world is shrinking. Thanks to virtual assistants, the web is shrinking as well.

Shrinking World – The Virtual Assistant Phenomenon

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